Susan Ahl Piper

  In February, 2001, I was diagnosed with an adenoma in my right parotid gland (salivary) and was told I had two choices: radiation or total parotidectomy. I was certainly not open to radiation, nor was I very eager for surgery, as there is some risk of facial paralysis, because four brances of the facial nerve grow through the parotid gland, which is located along the jaw area.

So I began asking around and found that many people are having excellent results healing themselves through raw foods. So by March I was eating 100% raw organic foods. I also invested in an alkaline water filter, since I had read that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. And, I began taking supplements to boost the immune system.

Within 5 months, my tumor completely disappeared.

The first thing that I did was read a book called "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally" by Eydie Mae. I recommend this book to anyone who wants inspiration to go raw, and to see clearly how raw foods can heal. She healed herself of breast cancer. It was very inspiring to me, and got me started on a healing regimen immediately upon reading it. It reads very easily and is very inspiring. I got this book and many other good books on healing with foods at the Living Foods Institute (
www.livingfoodsinstitute.com) in Atlanta. The institute teaches an excellent raw foods course. The director of the institute, Brenda Cobb, successfully healed herself of cancer with raw foods. Brenda has recently completed an excellent book on the living foods lifestyle entitled "The Living Foods Lifestyle". My healing testimonial, as well as many others, are included in this book. The book is available at Amazon.com .

"Rebuild Your Health" by Ann Wigmore is an excellent source book for the beginner raw-foodist. I got my copy at the Living Foods Institute (
www.livingfoodsinstitute.com). Other good books about raw food diets are "Nature's First Law: the Raw-Food Diet" by Arlin, Dini, and Wolfe, "The Sunfood Diet Plan" by David Wolfe (www.naturesfirstlaw.com and www.rawfood.com), and "Hooked On Raw" by Rhio (www.rawfoodinfo.com).


I would like to share with you first my diet, as it was probably the root of my disease to begin with, and is certainly the foundation of my healing regimen. I am on 100% raw and living foods. This consists of simply organic raw vegetables and fruits. I have learned from others who have healed themselves of cancer that eating organic raw food is essential to healing. Once food has reached a temperature of 105 degrees (cooked, in other words), the enzymes have been destroyed as have most of the beneficial goodness within the food. I eat simply. I do not eat nuts, sweet or dried fruits, honey, acidic fruits, or concentrated foods (crackers - even dehydrated [uncooked], etc) of any kind. Sweets are no-no's for those who are treating themselves of cancer or lymphoma. Cancer LOVES sugar. This includes also honey, dried fruits, and sweet fruits. I use Stevia (a healthy, natural sweetener) to sweeten my food, or I use sour or not-too-sweet apples. I do not use table salt or even processed sea salt. I only use hand processed Celtic Sea Salt or North Atlantic Sea Salt, both of which are loaded with minerals. I use only organic, fresh produce. I sprout seeds, grains, beans, peas. Sprouts are a superfood. A sprouted bean or seed has many times over the nutrients of the same bean/seed unsprouted. I eat about 10-15 organic avocados per week. I stay away from root vegetables, corn, tomatoes, and soy products - even organic. Most root vegetables, (especially carrots and white potatoes), corn, tomatoes, and soy products are highly hybridized (and genetically modified) which is subtly but dangerously toxic to the body. Genetic modification of (GMO) foods is poison to the body. I do not eat any of them, and I ask my grocer to stop carrying them. To learn more about the dangers of GMO foods, see
www.connectotel.com/gmfood. An excellent list of GMO and NON-GMO foods is at http://www.greenpeacecanada.org/e/test/html/snack.html.

I load up on superfoods: some of them are wheatgrass juice, dulse, coconut, olives, avocados, sprouts, romaine lettuce, garlic, cilantro, parsley, barley greens, buckwheat lettuce, apples. There are many others, I'm sure. These I know of and eat as often as possible. Going 100% raw seems difficult, but it really isn't once you get going. I actually went the gradual route which is easier. The more raw food you eat, the healthier you are. I do still eat bread occasionally. But not bread with gluten or yeast. Only Spelt bread containing no gluten, honey, or assorted grains. And I drink lots of water. 1/2 my weight in ounces. I weighed around 118 when I began eating raw, so I began drinking about 60 ounces of water per day. Lots of water is essential to good health. I drink 2-3 ounces of fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice first thing every morning. I have a wheatgrass juicer (they cost about $150. You can also get ones with a manual crank for about $75). I get freshly cut bagged wheatgrass at the healthfood store. I consume about 1/2-3/4 lb. per week. Or you can grow your own. Ann Wigmore teaches you how to grow wheatgrass in her book mentioned above. The chlorophyll from wheatgrass contains an ingredient called abscissic acid, which kills many cancer cells immediately on contact. Some people implant several ounces of wheatgrass juice into their colon through an enema for quick-acting detoxification. I have not done this, as my lymphoma was a slow-growing one, so I was not under the gun to heal, as are some people who feel compelled to ingest wheatgrass juice from "both ends". Edyie Mae, author of "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally" took wheatgrass juice enemas (2 per day). Within about 3 months of her raw foods regimen with wheatgrass juice and enemas, her breast cancer reduced in size significantly, and her cancer then eventually healed.

I have my dog Nellie on raw food as well. There is really no decent commercial food out there for animals. A make a batch of raw food with raw ground beef containing no hormones, and mix it with chopped organic raw vegetables, (parsley, celery, cukes, cilantro, lettuce, garlic, onions, etc - whatever is in the refrigerator), organic flax seed oil, alkaline water, celtic sea salt. And she loves it!! Within only a few weeks of being on the diet, she was healthier than I had seen her in years.

Although I do recommend taking a raw foods course, I did not take one until my healing was almost complete. There are two excellent raw foods courses offered in Atlanta, one is offered by Shinui (
www.shinuiretreat.com) whose director, Jackie Graff, is a gourmet chef; and the other is offered by the Living Foods Institute (www.livingfoodsinstitute.com) whose director is Brenda Cobb, who healed herself of cancer on raw and living foods.


My first major healing came from alkaline water. My own experience with the water was that its initial effects on me were miraculous. Within 24 hours of taking the water at about 7.0-7.5 (I increased gradually ( over a period of 2 weeks) from 6.5 acidity [normal ph for our part of the country] to 9.0 alkalinity), I felt my body on a cellular level feel as if it was turning inside out. Vast amounts of toxic waste began dumping from my body, and I soon began experiencing Herxheimer detox symptoms (symptoms from yeast cells and environmental pollutants stored in the body that are released into the bloodstream). The symptoms were severe flulike symptoms which lasted for about two weeks, and would have lasted for a much shorter period of time had I had colonic therapy sooner. My detox symptoms completely disappeared after my first colonic hydrotherapy session, which cleared my colon of the toxins, and purified my bloodstream. If you do not have a colon therapist, I would be happy to recommend some excellent certified colon hydrotherapists. Regular colon therapy was an essential part of my healing regimen. I received a professional colonic every 2 to 3 weeks.

Animals should be introduced more gradually to alkaline water over a much longer period (as animals are more sensitive to alkaline water). I recommend a lower level for animals ( about 8.0, or level 4 on the filter which I mention below). Very soon I noticed a marked improvement in both my and my dog's complexions. I have felt that the alkaline water played a major role in purifying my body initially, as my body was very toxic in the beginning - yes, I had to face that fact that I was toxic, I had a lymphoma! Cancer and disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. After only a few weeks, I began to notice that my tumor was shrinking noticeably. If you are interested in the alkaline water, The Jupiter Filter can be purchased from Dave Perkins by going to
www.betterwayhealth.com. Dave is a former cancer patient who also healed himself of cancer alternatively; his cancer was in the very advanced stages.

If you can't afford the hefty $550 for the filter (to me it was worth every penny), you may want to drink bottled alkaline water. Trinity water is an excellent brand of alkaline water, which tastes wonderful, and can be found at health food stores.

Adding lots of lime or lemon juice to your diet helps increase the alkalinity. Limes are alkaline fruits, lemons are acid, but both become alkaline upon entering the body.

Drink lots and lots of water! Water purifies like nothing else can. I drink several large glasses of water first thing in the morning.

A few weeks after changing my water to alkaline, I began my 100% raw food regimen.

Then I began to include Beta 1, 3-d Glucan, an immune enhancer extracted from baker's yeast. I took 1000 mg per day. Dave Perkins at the above mentioned website sells Beta Glucan at a good price.

About 2 months into my regimen, I added Transfer Factor(TM) (another powerful immune booster, which is an extract from bovine colostrum). I took Transfer Factor Plus (3 per day), regular Transfer Factor (4-6 per day). Transfer Factor can be obtained from

And last, but certainly not least, I pray, meditate, and chant as often as possible, and receive regular professional massages and colonics.

It is amazing how much healing we can accomplish when we place our healing into our own hands!

This regimen may not be for everyone. Each person is on his or her own individual path in this life. This healing regimen worked for me, so I am sharing it with you. Take and use what you want of this information. I hope that it is helpful to you. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at 404/386-9141. I would love to help you in any way that I can.

I am now enjoying cooked food again, and making sure that I include a lot of raw foods in my diet. Take good care of yourself. Share this knowledge with others as you may be so led.



Susan Ahl Piper

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and
Advanced Energy Practitioner
Hot Stone Massage Therapist